Occupational Guidance

Occupational Guidance - ARISTON is an expert system for vocational counselling, utilizing advanced rules, algorithms and mathematical models, in order to identify the profession / occupation that suits your personality. When we refer to an "expert system" we imply advanced software and specialised knowledge regarding personality types, special aptitudes and abilities, and corresponding work environments. The software produces a report automatically, following extensive analyses of the answers you give online. The knowledge contained in the expert database is classified by age, sex, nationality, academic departments, occupations and specialisations, and is based on extensive analyses of thousands of professionals and young people. In other words, the test has been verified and validated on a very large sample of real cases. The results of the report produced can be used to support tasks related to personality analysis, vocational counselling and human resources management. More specifically, the results can:

  1. Identify hidden talents, professional inclinations, aptitudes, abilities, and special features of your personality.
  2. Verify whether your personality can cope with the requirements of specific work environments or specialisations that requires University education.
  3. Verify the practised profession and the degree to which this is compatible with the personality of the individual.
  4. Identify alternative vocational interests and occupational areas that are fully compatible with your personality.
  5. Support tasks concerning recruitment, transfer and promotion, area of specialisation, placement in departments, vocational and career counselling, and general human resources management.

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