Counselling Certification

The training of Counsellors is in two parts, followed by a written examination. The first part covers all subjects and topics necessary for a Counsellor to appreciate all aspects of counselling and acquire the necessary knowledge to offer professional services, including supervising the administration of psychometric tests, code of conduct, interpretation of the reports created by the Expert System, offering counselling services to individuals using the reports of the Expert System. Note that we offer training and certification on several different batteries.

The second part provides knowledge on advanced aspects of counselling, including design of psychometric tests, reliability, validity, thesaurus construction, parameterisation of the reports, statistical analyses of samples, norming and standards, parameterisation of the Administration menu.

Successful candidates are awarded the Certificate / Diploma in Counselling. The knowledge gained is very important, given that the Seminars cover theoretical and practical aspects of Counselling.

In summary, at the end of the Seminars, the Counsellor attending will be in a position to: a) Create user codes and passwords for specific batteries (combinations of tests), b) Supervise a user sitting a test, c) Manage user accounts / codes, d) Communicate with the Expert System server, e) Interpret reports, f) Interview users, offering advice on academic studies, courses, professions and specialisations, personality traits, and general advice on strengths and weaknesses.

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