The ARISTON Series

The ARISTON series of tests are based on advanced psychometric methodologies and mathematical models with the aim to analyse the personality of an individual using an advanced Expert System which is based on research work that has been funded by the European Union and Governmental Bodies. The knowledge base supports decision-making related to: a) vocational and career counselling, retrieving specific specialisations – professions that match with the personality of the individual out of a database of over 2000 entries, b) aptitude measurement, c) personnel selection, d) assessment of employees and executives, e) personnel development, f) performance appraisal, g) attitude measurement, h) management development, i) employee counselling, j) human engineering, k) productivity analysis, l) administrative skills measurement, m) public relations, n) psychological assessment and support.

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Theoretical considerations

In contemporary society it is important for individuals to realise their potential and special features of their personality, for reasons of self-realisation, self-improvement, and for “knowing thyself”.

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Administration and support

A unique personal code is created for each user in order to activate the test and proceed to answer all the questions displayed on specially designed user friendly screen forms.


The reports produced

The reports are created without any human intervention and can be used to support tasks related to the analysis of personality, personnel assessment and selection, occupational and career counselling, personal development, human resources management, etc.

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